Cosber Control Unit Display

KL Control Unit (PC base):

  • KL Control Unit (PC base)Cabinet: Dim.850 x 300 x 1150mm, Compact body design to facility the install of PC and control components. Equipped with Easy to use stainless monitor holder.
  • Control circuit: High speed microprocessor integrated with multiple tester channels, updating capability
  • Software: MS Window base, User friendly interface, Dynamic display mode, Multiple choice of language, Password of configuration mode.


  • CE Approval
  • Totally automatic operating
  • User friendly operation menu
  • SQL result data
  • Configuration interface password
  • Customerized result report and graph
  • Auto Drive-off roller program
  • Test of Axle-load/wheel resistance/Maxi brake force/Brake imbalance/Ovality/Sideslip/Suspension Absorb rate
  • Communication channel with external equipments


V.I.S Control Unit:

  • V.I.S Control UnitCabinet: 1.6m height anti-dust Industrial control cabinet with larger glass façade, easy install of Industrial Computer, Printer and Control circuit.
  • Control mode: Make use of a single Industrial computer or multiple computers to control the testing equipments, high performance digital communication technology for a fully automotive operation and multi-tasks inspection process.
  • Software: a powerful software system integrated of Login in program, Operation control, System configuration, Result print, User management, Database management, Calibration program, etc.

LED Control Unit: LED Control Unit

LED result display, the most cost saving and effective stand a lone body design.

One key to start, auto operation mode.
No need to configure with PC and printer.
LED real time display of inspection data.
Mini-printer equipped.
Simple calibration mode.
Height 1600mm, length 610mm, width 280mm


Analogue Multi-pointer Display

Analogue Multi-pointer Display:

  • High precision stepper motor in Analogue dash board.
  • Fine Display for the brake force evolution process.
  • No need of extra-PC to control.
  • Mini-printer equipped.
Dyno Control Unit

Dyno Control Unit:

Specially designed for Dyno control system: To ensure the stable and reliable testing operation, we provide the industrial computer conjugate with our advantage Data Acquisition Processor.Heavy duty sreel cabinet included.




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