Headlight Tester KSB-600M with Printer :

Headlight Tester KSB-600M with Printer The Cosber Headlight Tester of Model KSB-600M Printer type is used to cast light on the light distance light luminescence intensity , the light beam excursion amount before hand movement measures a motor vehicle; Light beam excursion measures close brightness waiting for the various parameter. The technology that 21861, measures before GB18565 relevance according to light demands satisfied GB7258, GB, applies to all of the various levels motor vehicle detecting organization, the automobile keep the job, motor industry and lamp manufacturing industry in repair. The instrument is very suitable for use in vehicle inspection stations, repair and maintenance garage.


Headlight Tester for measuring motor vehicle headlamp low beam lamp luminous intensity and optical axis offset. Applicable to the motor vehicle repair shop, vehicle inspection stations, automobile factory for motor vehicle headlamps detection and adjustments.


Measuring Range:

  • Central Height of Headlight 40cm-140cm
  • Luminous Intensity: 120000cd
  • Deviation of Optical Axis:
  • - Left and right Left 35cm/10m - Right 52.5cm/10m
    - Up and Down Up 35cm/10m - 52.5cm/10m
  • Indication Error:
  • Luminous Intensity of high- beam: ±10%
  • Inspection Distance: 50cm
  • Power Source: 220VAC or 12VDC
  • 3 pcs laser distance and alignment)
  • Power consumption: 15W (for the complete set)
  • Weight: about 40kg
  • Outer Dimension: 680mm (Width) X 570mm (witdh) X 1580mm (Heigh)
  • Interface RS232
  • Can be integrate with another equipment by VIS Control System


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