Cosber Exhaust Emission Analyser

KWQ-5 Gas Analyser (4/5 Gas):

KWQ-5 Gas Analyser(4/5 Gas Portable) Measurement concentration of HC, CO, CO, O2, NO option) contained in automotive exhaust gases from gasoline engine of vehicles. Advanced NDIR (Non Dispersive Infra-Red) analysis technology is used to measure HC, CO, CO2 and the newest generation of electrochemical technology is adopted to measure O2 and NOx.

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Main characteristic :

  • It uses in measuring automotive emission exhaust CO,HC, CO2, O2,NO.
  • LCD display with Chinese/English operation menu.It is easy to operate.
  • Inside bench is world advanced bench that meets OIMLclass 0 made by HORIBA Japan.The other sensors are import world brand products.
  • It has the functions with auto zero,auto calibration and leak check.
    Gas Analyser Dimension
  • Flexible probe can suit almost all kinds tail tube.
  • It is equipped with the newest aluminum alloy drain separator.So that the efficiency of water separation is better.
  • Original 30 seconds fast warm-up function.
  • Auto compensation ambient pressure and environmental temperature for eliminating variable influence.
  • Auto calculate engine AFR, λ.
  • It is equipped two idle test tufunction.
  • It can storage more than 200 measuring results forre-read.
  • It equipped standard RS-232 interface and DC 0-1v
  • Signal output for connecting computer easily to you.
  • Enable up-grade soft with ISP interface


Technical Parameters

  • Trolley Stand For EmissionCO: 0-10.00% within ±0.02% vol or±3% of readings(whichever is larger)
    10.01-15.00% within ±5% of readings
  • CO2: 0-16.00% within ±0.3% vol or±3% of readings(whichever is larger)
    16.01-18.00% within ±5% of readings
  • HC: 0-2000ppm within ±4ppm vol or ±3% of readings(whichever is larger)
    2001-5000ppm vol within ±5% of readings
    5001-10000ppm vol within ±10% of readings
  • O2: 0-10.00% within ±0.4% vol or±3% of readings(whichever is larger)
    10.01-25.00% within ±1.0% vol
  • NO: 0-5000ppm vol within ±8% ppm vol or±3% of readings(whichever is larger)
  • Response Time: 10 seconds
  • Warm-Up Time: 15 menit
  • Power: VAC 100-220V 50/60HZ
  • Output: RS232,DC0-1V (optional)
  • Weight: 7.5kg


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