Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan - Headlight Tester Gemini

Headlight Tester GeminiHeadlight Tester Electronic digital beam setter equipped with micro-camera on board, USB PC connection, mirror or laser visor, laser pointing system to easily point and centre the lens.




Fog examinable XENON - BIXENON - PES, HNS, etc.
Working height 230-1400 mm.
Intensity 0% 150,000 Candela (kcd/1m)
0% 240 Lux (lux/25m)
Readability Intensity + / - 5%
Tilt + / - 0.2%
Working conditions Temperature +5°C - +40°C
Power Battery 12 VDc
Dimension Packing 180 x 63 x 33 cm
Weight 32Kg


Complete with software installed: WindowsXP Pro SP2 or Windows2000 Pro.
Camera on board improves light image resolution and exact dimensions, the unit can also identify any kind of light under check.The unit works with an external PC



Standard equipped with:
  • Digital luxmeter
  • Mirror Visor




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