Alat Uji Lampu Kendaraan - Headlight Tester Geminiplus

Headlight Tester GeminiPlusAligner electronic micro-camera and PC, touch screen on board. Full viewfinder and laser pointer for easy alignment system to the vehicle. The included software, very easy to follow and understand, can work with all types of lights (xenon, xenon, H4, PES, HNS). Includes rechargeable batteries (10 hours operation) and bluetooth module.




Fog examinable XENON - BIXENON - PES, HNS, etc.
Working height 230-1400 mm.
Intensity 0% 150,000 Candela (kcd/1m)
0% 240 Lux (lux/25m)
Readability Intensity + / - 5%
Tilt + / - 0.2%
Working conditions Temperature +5°C - +40°C
Power Battery 12 VDc
Dimension 63 x 70 x 180
Weight 34Kg


Electronic headlight beam tester complete with camera and touchscreen monitor 8” on board. Equipped with laser visor and laser pointing system for an easy positioning in front of the car and easy centring of the lens. Easy to understand and to follow, the software can work and recognise any kind of light beams (xenon, bixenon, PES, HNS, etc.).
2997: external power supply version, RS232 serial port.
2998: with rechargeable batteries on board (10 hours working time) and bluetooth module.


Standard equipped with:
  • Digital luxmeter
  • Laser Visor
  • Mirror Visor




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