Portable Side Slip Tester

PORTABLE SIDE SLIP TESTERWe are distributor Portable single side slip tester model of C2059-1, to turn the wheelbarrow, it is leaned to one side and the wheelbarrow rolls around in the direction of the lean. Just like when riding a motorcycle or car's and light truck, the motorcycle is leaned into a corner, and the rolling action of the change in profile of the tyre, directs the motorcycle around the corner.

The curved shape of the tyre means that the section in contact with the ground has a smaller radius than when upright, causing the tyre to roll in the direction of the lean, hence turning the wheelbarrow, car's and light trucks. This is a similar action caused by Camber on wheel Toe-In Toe-Out.



Mechanical Features:


  • A portable measuring gauge plate for trucks with 1.000kg/wheel
  • Portable, ultra-flat design
  • Cale with millimeter divisions
  • Low drive
  • Measuring Range: ± 15mm/m
  • Sideslip Board Dimensions: 950 x 385 x 24mm
  • Weight of plate: 21Kg
  • Indicator: Analog display
  • Driving: 5km/h

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