Emission Gas 4/5 Analyser

Autocehck Gas 4/5 is a portable automobile exhaust gas analyzer that uses single beam, non dispersive infrared (NDIR) determine CO, CO2 and HC concentration, O2 and NOx are deteted by electrochemical sensors. Autocheck GAS 4/5 also calculates LAMBDA and AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) and exceeds the performance requirements of ASM/BAR 97 and OIML Class 0.
And we actuated Gasoline Engine RPM/Temperature meter of RPM by Accu and Oil engine.


Emission Gas 4/5 Analyser Gaseous Analyzer exceeds the performance requireents of ASM/BAR97 and OIML Class 1&0, while design criteria of Smoke Opacity conform to French NF R 10-025, the German PTB EO 18-09, ISO 11614 draft and ECE R24, Annex 8/9 specifications.





  • Heavy duty and high accuracy analyzer.
  • Reads continuous measurements either in service garage or in vehicle under load.
  • Complete stand alone unit, no Additional Equipment required for operation.
  • Large LCD display with backlight And touch-keypad operation.
  • Automatic zero calibration and Semi-automatic span calibration.
  • Rugged deluxe ABS case.
  • Self-diagnostic.
  • Data management(save, edit, delete).
  • Maximum accuracy, high performance, operational stability promoted bymicroprocessor control & automatic programs.
  • Communicates with a personal computer(RS-232).
  • Built in thermal printer.
  • Engine temperature & RPM check kit (option).
  • NOx sensor (option), PC software (option), Trolley (optional)
  • Possible to upgrade separately purchase Smoke Opacity analyzer.



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